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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Why now? UPDATED 2x

I look forward to learning why this weekend was the perfect time for me to get seriously sick: chills and fever, muscle aches and upper bronchial bubbles. (Strange)

I'm grateful that we had planned for the choir at Rockville UMC to take the week off, while my parents provided special music. But I'm very worried that I won't be in good enough shape to help with Tuesday evening's big rehearsal for the U-MD Maryland Chorus Messiah performance, or perhaps not even for the performances next Saturday and Sunday. Because I conducted two-thirds of this work last Easter, I have deep sympathy for the conductor at the prospect of loosing his concert master, and especially at not having an obvious replacement in-hand. Besides, I was having a lot of fun playing this music again, after a decade, and being a concert-master.

This is also the week I'm supposed to show-up on-site for my new project. IBM and the project manager are both very understanding about illness, but I really hate missing a chance to make a good first impression.

**UPDATE 2** added details on medicines and prognosis

I did see a doctor around 3 this afternoon. He says he's seen 15 cases like mine today: it's an ear infection. He took a very brief look in each ear: right ear, infected, left ear, not infected. He prescribed Omnicef, a.k.a. cefdinir, (see also Wikipedia and chemical description and usage notes from the federal government) (600mg every 24 hours) for the infection and recommended Nyquil for the symptoms. He said I should be non-contagious 24 hours after taking the first dose, i.e. just in time for the big Maryland Chorus rehearsal tomorrow night, although I may not have enough strength to survive it.

I suppose the ear infection explanation checks out with the strange bubbling in my throat after each exhalation or cough. I'm assuming this is a middle-ear infection, rather than outer-ear. If the coughs and exhalations drive air and fluids into the Eustachian tube, then the normalization of pressure could create bubbles as the tube clears out. I'm perceiving these bubbles to be at the lower back of my throat, even close to chest level. However, I have been unable to find a diagram showing where the Eustachian tube joins the pharynx.

I found the last paragraph of this article interesting, as it describes the person for whom the Eustachian tube is named.


Blogger Beth said...

you could try looking in our Encyclopedia, it has several diagrams that might help.

8:33 AM  

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