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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bench Time

Just a little update, in case you hadn't heard.

I've been on the bench for 14 business days, since October 30. I think this is God's doing, and so I'm watching with curiousity to see what He has planned. Certain things happened to make it possible for me to leave the FEMA project. (Not that I wanted to leave: I loved the people and the technology, although the commute was a bear.) But a special combination of circumstances came together in a way that I felt was God's preparing for me to move from FEMA back to my previous project in Columbia, MD.

However, that project has also, like the FEMA project, gone through some financial restructuring, and they are letting a few people go, and certainly no longer welcoming me back on board.

So I have been beating the bushes. My resource deployment managers in IBM's federal sector have been lining up interviews for me with federal projects, and I will be pleasantly surprised if I don't wind up with one of those. One of my goals is to, sooner or later, find my way into other parts of IBM, working on an IBM product like RSA or DB2, or, even better, on an open-source project like Eclipse or Firefox or OpenOffice.org. That would really float my boat, at least in terms of values.

So I've applied for open IBM positions from RTP to Austin to Denver to Beaverton, OR. I have no desire to leave this area: my dear friends DG and JM are here, and our working relationship in music is extremely valuable to me. On the other hand, my close friend JF is in the Denver area, giving me a reason to move there. Beaverton, OR is or has been IBM's Linux development hub, so I would take any job that would get me into that office with a chance to join that team.

I've also heard today from a couple of recruiters for jobs outside of IBM, one in Cleveland, OH and another in New York. And I should probably submit my résumé to the USAJobs site for government agencies. It would be cool to land a job at NASA, especially at some interesting site like Wallops, with its back pressed up against beautiful Chincoteague Island.


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