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Monday, November 13, 2006

Replacement Treo

Whilst I'm griping about Verizon Wireless, I need to give them props for the things they do right.

This morning I found that my Treo 700p was dead for conversational purposes. The Palm/PDA side was still functional, but the telephone side would not stay powered on, or would display a "Network Search..." message followed by a small red T. (I suspect that the meaning of that T explains the malfunction.)

Since I have now been on the bench for more than two weeks, the loss of my telephone and the ability to receive calls from prospective project managers was a significant and very pressing issue.

I called Verizon from another phone, and eventually managed to reach their tech-support team. No one I spoke with had any clue about the meaning of the T, but they were friendly and courteous and we determined with reasonable expediency that I needed a replacement phone. They asked for my shipping address, and I explained my immediate need and plead with them to arrange for me to pick up a phone at a nearby store.

These are the two areas where I want to give Verizon Wireless respect and appreciation. 1) They agreed to replace the phone swiftly, at no charge (at least that I've heard about yet), and with overnight shipping and 2) when informed of my urgent need, they went the extra mile (maybe two miles) and negotiated for a new phone at a local store.

It is with frustration and disappointment that I report that the local store, while friendly and courteous, left somewhat to be desired. When I arrived they felt it necessary to repeat the entire trouble-shooting process, and then informed me that I should come back in 20 to 30 minutes, as it would take that long to program and provision the replacement. This turned out to take about an hour.

Long story short: I was without my phone for about five business hours, wound up with two voice messages and no way of knowing how many calls I had missed, and a new Treo 700p. While I am frustrated with the local store workers (although they were nice people), the manager (another nice person) for not expediting the exchange, and the amount of time that process consumed, I'm very grateful that the tech team and the local store were able to step outside of their rules and procedures to get me reconnected in less than 24 hours.

Kudos and thanks.


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