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The LORD God has told us what is right and what he demands:
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let mercy be your first concern,
and humbly obey your God." —Micah 6:8, CEV
With all your heart you must trust the LORD and not your own judgment.
Always let Him lead you, and He will clear the road for you to follow. —Proverbs 3:5,6 CEV

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Long Hill

Rode my old Schwinn 15-speed to IBM and back before work this morning. It took me less than 9 minutes to reach the corner at IBM where I normally turn around, and I thought I must be really getting into shape. Concerned that I might come in under 20 minutes, I decided to make a loop through the IBM parking lot. As I crested the first little hill the reason for my speed suddenly struck me in the face. And in the chest. And on the remainder of my anterior. A persistent "breeze" of, say, 15 MPH or so, created a very noticeable difference between riding south and riding north. So check out the numbers below. It took me far more effort and time to ride home again. And that last hill seemed to last almost all the way home, as the headwind nearly negated the advantage of a level or downhill grade. For example, rolling down into the valley as I left IBM I barely reached 13 MPH.

  • Distance: 5.37 miles
  • Time: 27 minutes 20 seconds
  • Average Velocity: 11.99 mph
  • Max Velocity: 35.3 mph

Weight after showering: 2??.? lbs


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