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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Weight tracking

I've been walking for my exercise for the last week. It feels a bit like cheating, compared to the exertion I put into bike riding. If the weather holds good as it has been, I'll ride again. I have less than four weeks to finish, and that rebate will be mine!

On the Finally! side of life, I'm back under 230 again, at least briefly. Ever since late summer, probably about the time that I was rolled off of CADE, I've been riding a pound or two above 230, sometimes as high at 233. (Keep in mind that I'm 6'1" or 6'2", depending on which shoes I'm wearing. Would anyone like to provide a link to reasonable height/weight charts?)

In spite of the exercise, my weight stayed above 230. It was getting insanely frustrating! But this morning I saw 229.5, which I take as a sign of encouragement.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A simple rule of thumb that I've seen supported by doctor's weight charts is this:

for women, 100 lbs target weight at 5 ft, with an additional 5 lbs added for each inch. Plus or minus 10% of that number is your healthy range. At 5'4" my target weight is 120 lbs (100lbs + 4 in(5 lbs)) +/- 12 lbs. So I can weigh between 108 and 132 and be considered "healthy." (108??!!??)

for men, it is the same formula except that you start at 120 for 5 ft instead of 100. Height is measured *without* shoes. So if we assume you're 6'1" that would be (120 + 13in(5 lbs)) = 185 as your target weight +/- 19 lbs to be in your healthy range. You can be between 166 and 204 and be "healthy."

I hope that helps. Also, in my personal experience, exercise, while very good for you and increasing metabolism, is not the primary way to lose weight. Unfortunately you have to really be mindful of what you are eating and how much. For this reason, I highly recommend Weight Watchers Online, which has an online food journal and tools to help you track your consumption and energy expenditure easily and accurately. They also have lots of tips and recipes etc. But mostly I like the online food-tracking journal with target daily consumption.



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