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Friday, April 07, 2006


Through the gray bleakness of human interaction required by this week's fender-bender shine a few sparklers of intelligence, understanding and compassion. I'd like to recognize some of the people who made my life easier and more pleasant.

Talking with my own insurance company was not exactly the joy I had hoped. Each of the employees was able to carry on an intelligible conversation, but I kept asking questions to which they had no answer. However, the adjustor who came out to document the damage on our van was sharp as a tack, and he really knew his business. He spent more than an hour inspecting and photographing the damage from every angle, and handed us what appears (to my eyes) to be a very thorough estimate. Rick, I salute you!

Enterprise car rental has stood in start contrast to the rental company we usually use. The other driver's insurance had a quick way to set up a rental reservation with Enterprise, so I accepted them for the sake of expedience. I'm delighted to report that working with the local Enterprise office has been an absolute pleasure! They sent someone to another branch to pick up a minivan for us. When that driver failed to get back before our deadline, Enterprise very swiftly put us in an available vehicle for the evening. The next morning it took less than thirty seconds to swap that vehicle for the van. The van itself is fun: we had never driven a Nissan Quest before. (However, I'm not perfectly comfortable with the transmission.) The Enterprise employees at our local branch have definitely demonstrated the meaning of customer service. John and company, I salute you!

Finally, in part because the other driver was a true gentleman and called in the claim ahead of us, indicating that he would not dispute it, I have found that working with his insurance company, Allstate, has been smooth sailing. They have taken care of each of our needs, and I am comfortable that our van will be returned to us in good condition. The local Allstate repair shop, Sterling, has been understanding and helpful. They even helped me deal with having had our van impounded last night, just hours before they were going to pick it up. We really feel that we are in good hands. Julie and the rest of the team at Allstate, you may soon find yourself with another customer!


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