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Friday, September 17, 2004

Weight tracking

IBM has an offer to give me $150 if I exercise 20 minutes each day for 3 days each week for 10 of 12 weeks. I'm signed up. So far my exercise has consisted of bicycling to IBM and back, which takes me a little less than 30 minutes in my present state of fitness. I did it Monday and Wednesday, and intend to ride it again today.

Update: I did it. 30 minutes 46 seconds pedaling, trip distance 5.06 miles, average velocity 9.87 MPH, max velocity 33 MPH. After logging my activity I can see that this week counts toward my IBM rebate. On the way I paused to watch a groundhog grazing not eight feet away from me. Very cool! I'm so eager for a camera built into my glasses, so I can share images like that.

Wednesday was rainy, and the clothes I wore came to the edge of ruin. Rain will be less of a problem if I can keep my seat dry when I'm not riding, and add some kind of splash guard to keep the back tire from spraying dirty water all over my back. But I'm not sure either of those safeguards will happen.

I've been wondering whether any local gymns admit kids as young as 10. If the kids could put in time on a stationery bike, or in a lap pool, perhaps, we could go as a family. I would very much like to have the chance to do muscle building again, and I foresee problems getting out and riding as the weather becomes more inclement.

Monday after riding and before lunch my weight was 226. Wednesday I rode an hour or so after lunch, and after riding my weight was 230. Because my days have been less structured than when I reported to an office for work, I haven't been getting truly comparable readings, i.e. same time of day, same spot in the morning routine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job! Sounds like you have the right attitude. :)


12:56 PM  

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