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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

on Loosing Sleep

Last and this weeks the world celebrates the Olympic Games, held this year in Athens, Greece. Thanks to the annoyance of NBC's totalitarian coverage, we've been staying up until midnight to watch all the popular excitement. (TiVo seems like a really great idea now!)

Well, apparently last night we were still in danger of getting too much sleep, so around 2:30 we were awakened by a very low and slow-flying helicopter circling our neighborhood. It hovered for several minutes over our back-yard alley, sweeping its searchlight slowly over all the yards. The helicopter was flying so low that it made the shingles flap, and blew trash and recycling that had been set out for the morning's pick up all over place. After a little time it moved off to check other parts of the neighborhood, but it came back for additional search time.

We're not used to this kind of serenade!

This morning we've found nothing on any news channel or website to explain what was going on. If you can find anything, please comment here!


Blogger Daniel said...

We found some more information in the local Gazette: it seems that a young man attempted to harm himself at a nearby park. When the police were called, he fled, dragging the noose with him. The helicopters we heard were almost certainly the ones used to search for him. Try this link for more info: http://www.gazette.net/200435/germantown/news/232235-1.html

10:26 PM  

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