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Hi. I'm Daniel Ashton.

Here's an assortment of data that's somehow related to me.

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My mother is a portrait artist
My father is a pianist and composer.
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Check out Chamber Music Weekend.

I helped organize a volunteer wedding choir.

My copy of my favorite Bible reading plan was wearing out, so I typeset a fresh copy.
You can find the source file and printable PDF here.

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-----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK-----                                       
Version: 3.12              Decode me              Last update 12/25/00
GCS/CC/IT/MU>E/M/AT d++(-) s+:+ a33 C++(++++)$ UBL++++AX++++$ P++>++++
L++ E W++ N o+ !K w++(---)$@ O++$ M>++ !V PS+@ PE@ Y+@ PGP++ t+ 5 !X  
!R tv-- b++(+)>++++ DI++++ !D G++ e++>+++++(*) h---- r+++ y++++       
------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------                                       
The updated version isn't too different from the previous:
-----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK-----                                    
Version: 3.1            Decode me        Previous update 12/21/98  
GCS/CC/IT/MU>E/M/AT d++(-) s+: a31 C++(++++)$ UBAX>++++$ P+>++++   
L !E W++ N++ o+ !K w++(---)$@ O++$ M>++ !V PS+@ PE@ Y+ PGP++ t+ 5  
!X !R tv-- b++(+)>++++ DI++++ !D G++ e++>+++++* h---- r+++ y++++   
------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------                                    
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