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  J. Daniel Ashton
  • Expert computer programmer in Java, Perl, C and C++, fluent in HTML and XML, JavaScript and AJAX
  • Extensive experience using Eclipse, even writing a few pluglets and plug-ins
  • IBM mainframe experience, including OS/390, TSO, Unix System Services and CICS
  • Extensive experience with middle-ware, including MQSeries and DB2 and SQL on other database engines
  • Experience with web servers and application servers, including Apache and WebSphere, JBoss and Jetty
  • Recognized expertise with Windows, AIX, Solaris, Linux, OpenStep and other Unices, OS/2, and Novell Netware
  • Excellent understanding of multithreading, interprocess communication, and performance issues
  • Aggressive performance tuner and code cleaner
  • Twenty-two years of professional programming experience
  • Excellent problem solver, communicator, mentor, and quick study
B.S. Computer Science, Southern College 1990
   C um Laude
 S outhern Scholar
 W ho's Who Among Students in American Colleges

2004  CompTIA Linux+ Certified Professional
2001  Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform
1994  OS/2 Engineer
1994  LAN Server Administrator
1994  LAN Server Engineer
  • New languages and platforms: current focus on learning and applying Scala and Lift
  • Anything you can do in Perl
  • Open Source: Linux and all the rest
  • Mac OS X: It's Unix and it's too sweet for words.

Senior I/T Specialist
IBM Business Consulting Services :: Gaithersburg, MD
February 2010 - March 2010

Senior I/T Specialist
IBM Business Consulting Services :: Gaithersburg, MD
June 2009 - February 2010
  • Developed some of the client-facing and publicly-visible features of the IRS Modernized e-File portal as Java servlets running on WebSphere. Handled builds and deliveries and integration tests. Improved accessibility features for compliance with Section 508 standards.

Senior I/T Specialist
IBM Business Consulting Services :: Gaithersburg, MD
November 2006 - May 2009
  • Represented the technical interests of a small architecture and prototyping team, providing guidance on the use and deployment of development tools and systems for the larger TMOS project team. Developed several prototypes and led the development effort for a number of pathfinding exercises, including issues such as tool integration, migration and customization. Represented the IBM-led team in larger project planning events, and served as a technical expert for questions about IBM's development tools. Also facilitated communication between project members and the IBM tools experts, and served as liaison with the development tools hosting team.

IBM Business Consulting Services :: Alexandria, VA
May 2006 - October 2006
  • Delivered significant enhancements to the FEMA MapMod web site, performing as a key team member developing and debugging Java classes, servlets, portlets and JSPs, as well as client-side XHTML, JavaScript and CSS. Also consulted on numerous technical improvements to the teams working environment, ranging from ClearCase and ClearQuest enhancements to server-side AIX/Unix tools to build technologies to workstation hardware upgrades. Also served as mentor to several junior team members.

IBM Business Consulting Services :: Columbia, MD
March 2005 - March 2006
  • Delivered configuration support and education on IBM Rational tools and technologies for a team working on a US Government contract. Provided critical organization and assistance to subcontracting team. Designed and developed tools to integrate data from diverse sources. Reviewed and recommended changes to firewall configuration and performed other network administration.

Centers for IBM e-business Innovation :: Gaithersburg, MD
October 2004 - January 2005
  • Assisted with development, delivery and maintenance of U. S. Mint catalog website, the eSP project. Technologies included WebSphere Commerce Suite with Net.Data and DB2 running on NT, together with Domino on Linux. Performed Linux maintenance.

IBM Global Services AMS :: Gaithersburg, MD
August 2001 - August 2004
  • Implemented the CADE system, a part of the IRS modernization effort. Using C++ on OS/390 V2R10, developed CICS transactions interfacing with DB2, MQSeries, docSense Finalist and other products. Served as local expert on Rational SoDA for Microsoft Word, extracting design documentation from Rational Rose. Taught classes on TSO/ISPF and Debug Tool. Developed makefile-based build process. Developed internal web repository for product documentation.

Advisory I/T Specialist
Centers for IBM e-business Innovation :: Atlanta, GA
July 1997 - August 2001
  • Designed and implemented communication and control protocols and engine for the new networked racing game at IBM's Epcot exhibit. Exploited advanced technologies such as Microsoft Windows multithreading and IP socket-based networking APIs, as well as Linux pthreads and native sockets for interprocess communication. Interfaced networking engine with game code (developed in 3rd-party proprietary tool) for score keeping and game state synchronization, as well as player data centralization and image display within the game. Designed and created Java-based console to monitor game server states. Provided onsite technical direction and assistance while installing the game at Epcot.
  • Served as solutions expert across all technologies for deployment of the New York Stock Exchange web site, providing critical leadership and technical expertise for deployment debugging, performance tuning and problem solving. Designed and implemented various server-side programs, including interfacing to 3rd-party data feed API to create graphical display of markets indicators (including the orange, grey and black market status graphic on the front page and others) with automated daily and holiday scheduling, and reformating of news stories. Designed and implemented stock quote server for the various ticker applets, utilizing Netscape's WAI technology (a fast CGI-like API based on CORBA and implementable in Java or C++). Designed and implemented caching module which more than doubled server throughput. Designed and implemented automated pull of data from the SEC's EDGAR online database. Managed scheduling of server-side jobs and balancing of server resources. Implemented and optimized server synchronization technologies to distribute published documents across all servers.
  • Recognized as the local TaxWare expert. Consulted and engaged to implement sales tax solutions on numerous web site development and maintenance projects, including sites for Macys, Blair, the NFL, the NBA and many others.
  • Participated with team members to design and implement client-specific enhancements and extensions to Net.Commerce (now WebSphere Commerce Suite) for Macys, Blair and other customers. Interfaced with Net.Commerce developers. Designed and implemented modifications to the Net.Commerce code and database schema to implement customer-specific calculations, such as calculating region-based shipping charges or sales tax on shipping charges. Implemented product family shopping using Net.Commerce Catalog Architect for the Kmart in-store service station.
  • Recognized as the local version control expert, especially with respect to IBM's Configuration Management and Version Control (CMVC). Implemented Perl-based web/CGI front-end for CMVC.

Contract Programmer
IBM Multimedia Division, Atlanta, GA
January 1996 - July 1997

Worked with Multimedia Kiosk development group to design and implement kiosks for Promus Hotels and Angelica Uniforms. Projects included control and peripheral code written in C and interfaced to a multimedia engine implemented in Ultimedia Builder. Became a specialist in inter-process communication and multithreaded architecture. Also participated in the port of this kiosk architecture to Windows NT, and development of a kiosk for Florsheim Shoes.

Applications Programmer
McKee Foods Corporation, Collegedale, TN
1990 - 1996

Managed transition from DOS, Netware, proprietary communication system to OS/2, JAS, LAN Server and NFS system. Designed and wrote gateway to integrate the new and old systems. Redesigned and rewrote this gateway exploiting OS/2 resources, including multithreading, semaphores, queues and extended attributes. Wrote major upgrade to McKee software for NORAND hand-held computers. Managed and maintained telecommunication networks. Provided informal support for OS/2, DOS and Windows. Administered corporate CompuServe account, including use of the CompuServe Lotus Notes service.
  • My God and my church family
  • My wife and children
  • Music: I direct or contribute in several ensembles.
Available upon request